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HILHORST, JEROEN JEROEN HILHORST - Spruce and Indian - 2006 $4000.00
2006, The Netherlands. European spruce soundboard, Indian rosewood back and sides, ebony fingerboard, ebony reinforced mahogany neck, 17 mm elevated fingerboard, arm rest, 12 hole tieblock, 20th fret, Sloan stippled tuners with ebony buttons, acrylic varnish finish, 54 mm nut with 43mm string spacing, 650 mm scale. Hilhorst developed a unique bracing to keep the string energy focused in the soundboard without dissipating throughout the rest of the instrument. The result is a powerful spruce sound with quick response and extended sustain. The sound is balanced and even with basses that carry plenty of warmth and trebles with a lively sparkle. Thanks to the elevated fingerboard access above the 12th fret is very easy. The arm rest adds comfort for the left forearm, and prevents damping vibrations of the sound board. This is an easy guitar to play. The 54 mm. nut width actually plays like 52 mm since the actual string spacing is the same as most 52 mm nuts. Good condition. String burns behind bridge at 1st and 2nd. Some unfortunate scratches in the Indian rosewood side at the waist on the treble side where the guitar rests on your leg, some other minor signs of use. Hiscox case.
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