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BRUNE, RICHARD RICHARD BRUNE - Model 30-C - Cedar & Indian $1200.00
Circa 1996, Japan. Richard Brune is one of the most notable luthiers in the USA, and an authority on guitar history and construction techniques as practiced through the ages. This model was designed by him, and constructed with his label by the Asturias shop in Japan. At the time the Asturias shop was well known for its very high quality advanced student guitars, and the currency exchange rates made this arrangement economically feasible. New, this guitar sold for about $3,000. Solid cedar fan braced soundboard, Indian rosewood back and sides, mahogany neck, 52 mm nut, 650 mm scale, lacquer finish. Good solid cedar sound, with better than expected projection and tone at this price point. Expertly repaired crack in soundboard at bass side of bridge, other signs of use. Thank the imperfections for the low price on this worthy instrument, the sound of which beats the competition at this price point.
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