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GUTMEIER, ROSS ROSS GUTMEIER - 640 - Spruce and SA Rosewood - 2016 $9000.00
2016, USA. Solid spruce fan braced soundboard, SA rosewood back and sides, 640 scale, 52 mm nut width, french polished finish, 12 hole tieblock, small dot fret markers on side of fingerboard at 5,7,9,12 and under the first string at 17, high C fret, Gotoh premium tuners. This guitar was inspired by Gutmeiers restoration of a Santos Hernandez whose guitars are prized for their distinctive lush tone. Rather than a slavish copy, it incorporates innovations Gutmeier has developed, coupled with Santos Hernandez construction techniques. The result is an instrument with a gorgeous, bell-like tone that projects exceptionally well, in effect, a vintage sound with more powerful. Gutmeier guitars are known to be easy under the left hand, and the 640 scale makes notes fly beneath the fingertips. The SA rosewood back and sides are a high quality, very dark set, hence a little difficult to photo in order to bring out the beauty of the grain patterns.
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